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Some international travel health plans also require that you pay up front and get reimbursed later, and others pay providers a certain amount on the spot to get you treated and admitted.

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So you must have ready money. To ensure proper and prompt reimbursement by your insurers, Wilson advises that you get clear and complete copies of all bills, medical records, and discharge notes after you receive treatment. Add medical evacuation protection. Not every travel destination in the world has doctors and hospitals that are up to U. It covers the cost of medical transportation that can fly you hundreds or thousands of miles to a major city with quality medical care. Medical evacuation insurance also covers the high cost of repatriating a recovering traveler to the U.

In the U. Kaiser Permanente, for example, covers local emergency medical transportation to the nearest hospital or other facility if it determines that doing so is necessary. If repatriation is approved by Kaiser, it will pay for that service directly. Know who to call if you need help.

If the worst happens and you need medical attention, the CDC recommends several resources to find care. First, contact the U. Embassy in the country you're staying to locate local medical services and they can also notify your family if needed. Sign In. Become a Member. What will happen if my baggage does not clear in time? Will my policy help me in any way? Your policy provides a reimbursement for delay in transportation of checked-in baggage beyond 12 hours.

This is valid across all travel destinations that are mentioned in your ticket, including all halts as well. This cover for delay will not be available in the following cases: If your baggage is lost, unless a Property Irregularity Report or equivalent report, issued by carrier, is procured and submitted. If there is partial loss of the items contained in the checked-in baggage.

If the valuables, money, securities, tickets and passes or any other item s are not declared, If the losses are a result of delay, detention, confiscation by customs officials or other public authorities. If the checked-in baggage is delayed on the inbound sector to India. This amount will be up to a maximum, as mentioned in your policy. What if a hand bag is lost while travelling by airline, will it be covered? If I hire a car while travelling and meet with an accident, will the policy cover me?

In case I fall sick and need hospitalisation, will the policy cover me for all my expenses? In case I am short of cash, can I avail of Financial Emergency assistance? What if my flight is hijacked? Will my insurance policy be of any help? What happens if the flight is delayed?

Travelling overseas for 26 weeks or less

My entire family is travelling with me for 2 months. My house is going to be locked. As a student, if I fall sick and have to repeat a semester will my travel insurance policy help me in any way? If I sustain a loss on the last day of the policy and continue treatment abroad will the policy be automatically extended to cover the loss? If a loss sustained during the policy period while abroad, and this results in death or disability after coming to India. Will this be covered? What does this travel insurance policy cover under Compassionate visit? What cover does Reliance Overseas Travel Insurance offers towards home and home contents?

Are there any exclusions in the travel insurance policy? Can the existing International travel policy be extended to cover domestic travel as well?

Will the Policy cover the expenses towards new passport loss incurred in India? What are the modes of payment? With Reliance General Insurance you can now choose between 5 payment options as mentioned below to pay your premium: Online payment IVR online payment Free Cheque pickup Mobile payment Payment at any Reliance branch office.

How do I decide the scope of travel insurance I require while travelling or does the insurance company decide this?

Support for British nationals abroad: A guide

If I extend my travel insurance policy online what premium is applicable? Can I avail discounts on my premium amount? How does Reliance General Insurance settle its claims abroad? Does a claim have to be lodged or made in a specific time frame from the time of the accident?

Going overseas | Australian Taxation Office

How long does it take to settle a claim? Does this Policy covers Pre-Existing diseases? If pre-approval is require then what is the procedure? What is deductible? Is there any Network or list of hospitals? What is sub-limit? What is the claim Procedure? What is covered under Medical Expenses benefit? Any Emergency Medical treatment resulting on an account of any illness, injury or disease during the risk period abroad under the care of Medical Practitioner towards such treatment expenses incurred for tests, medication, or stay in hospital or part of a stay in hospital which was emergent and necessary in nature are considered.

Such treatment must not exceed the level of care necessary to provide safe, adequate and appropriate medical care in scope, duration, or intensity; Such treatment must have been prescribed by a medical practitioner, Such treatment must conform to the professional standards widely accepted in international medical practice or by the medical community in India. Contact details from Different Countries? List or numbers? You may also ask for a call back on this number and we will immediately call you back on your preferred number as provided during the call request.

National Toll Free number for your relatives in India is Alternatively, you may also write to us at reliance europ-assistance. What is covered under Trip Delay? Incurred expenses must be supported by receipts. Illness or injury must be so disabling as to reasonably cause a travel delay. Inclement weather conditions causing delay. What is Covered under Checked in Baggage Delay? Cover is limited to the travel destinations specified in the main travel ticket from India and return trip back to India.

All halts and via destinations included in this main travel ticket will be considered for payment under this benefit. The compensation will not exceed the Sum Insured as specified in the Schedule. The deductible in respect of this benefit will be applicable for each separate claim, and shall be of an amount as specified in the Schedule. Special Conditions.

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The delay of checked-in baggage is more than 12 hours from the actual arrival time of the common carrier at thedestination and relates to delivery of baggage that has been checked in by the common carrier. Note: In the event that claim s is submitted for total loss of checked-in baggage as well as temporary delay of checked-in baggage, the higher of the claim s shall be payable by the Company in respect of the same item s of checked-in baggage during any one period of insurance.

What is Covered under Checked in Baggage Loss? The cover is limited to the travel destinations specified in the main travel ticket from the Republic of India and return trip back to India. All halts and via destinations included in this main travel ticket will be covered under this benefit. The compensation will be.

For the purposes of this benefit, "market value" is the sum required to purchase new items of the same kind and quality less an amount representing wear and tear, usage, etc.

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The amount payable in respect of any one article, pair or set is limited to the amount as specified in the Schedule. In the event of loss of baggage whilst in the custody of an airline, a Property Irregularity Report PIR must be obtained from the airline immediately upon discovery of the loss which must be submitted to the Emergency Assistance Service Provider.

No partial loss or damage shall become payable. However, total loss or damage of individual unit s of baggage shall not be construed as falling within this Special Condition. Trip Cancellation Benefits: The Company will pay this benefit up to Sum Insured as specified in the Schedule for trips that are canceled before the scheduled departure date due to the reasons mentioned above.

Trip Interruption Benefits: The Company will pay this benefit up to Sum Insured as specified in the Schedule for trips that have been interrupted, due to the reasons mentioned above. However, the benefit payable under 2 and 3 will not exceed the cost of economy airfare by the most direct route, less any refunds paid or payable. In case of Hospitalization if insured is not able to return on or before expiry date of the Policy will insured be still covered under this Policy? What documents do I need to submit for claim processing? What is Sum Insured? What are the major exclusions under Medical Expenses?

Any pre-existing disease.

Can I still keep my greencard (permanent residence) if I stay overseas for a long time?

The question of what can or what cannot be reasonably delayed will be decided jointly by the treating Physician and the Emergency Assistance Service Provider.