The Palgrave Literary Dictionary of Shelley (Palgrave Literary Dictionaries)

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Each entry has a word or phrase, a definition or two, pronunciation guides, and other elements. Some dictionaries will give more information than others, which is why specialized dictionaries can be more useful. Merriam-Webster Dictionary is an example of a general dictionary, available in print and online, while Dictionary of Literary Characters is more specialized.

Hughes, William. Historical Dictionary of Gothic Literature.

The Palgrave Literary Dictionary of Tennyson

This comprehensive dictionary defines terms related specifically to Gothic Literature, including descriptions of authors who have contributed to the genre. The definitions can be quite long in some cases. This can be a source of authoritative information concerning various topics in the study of Gothic Literature. Baldick, Chris. The Oxford Dictionary of Literary Terms. While not specific to Gothic Literature, terms related to it can be found in this comprehensive literary dictionary. It can also be found online through the subscription-based service of Oxford Reference. Once again, we all know what an encyclopedia is, and you probably know that there are specialized encyclopedias as well.

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Like dictionaries, entries are listed in alphabetical order by words or phrases which represent a topic. However, encyclopedias are not concerned with definitions. Instead, encyclopedias consist of small or large articles which generally explain a topic. Specialized encyclopedias will give different information with different levels of comprehensiveness. Wikipedia is an example of a general online encyclopedia, while the Oxford Companion to English Literature is more specialized, and will contain only topics that are relevant to English Literature. Snodgrass, Mary Ellen.

Encyclopedia of Gothic Literature. New York, Facts on File, Inc.

The Palgrave Literary Dictionary of Byron - M. Garrett - Google книги

This encyclopedia focuses specifically on topics important to Gothic Literature. Not only are terms and authors covered in this encyclopedia, but specific Gothic works are included as well. Each item in this encyclopedia is discussed within the context of Gothic Literature as a whole, which makes it an indispensible resource for researchers in this area.

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Users of this resource could find out about the Gothic influences and elements in the life and works of Jane Austen. The Oxford Encyclopedia of British Literature. This Encyclopedia, while not specifically dedicated to Gothic Literature, still contains entries relevant to Gothic Literature.

This encyclopedia is also available online through the subscription-based service of Oxford Reference. Mary in particular is known for her Gothic works, such as the infamous Frankenstein. A catalogue record for this book is available from the British Library. A catalog record for this book is available from the Library of Congress.

The Palgrave Literary Dictionary of Shelley

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These books are intended for a readership including students, graduate students, teachers, scholars and advanced general readers. Each volume will be dedicated either to an individual author or to a group of authors. It will offer a concise reference guide, consisting mainly of entries presented under headwords arranged in alphabetical order.

The entries will vary in length from about 10 to about 3, words, depending on the significance of the particular topic. The topics will include the literary works, individuals, fictional characters, genres, traditions, events, places, institutions, editors and scholars most relevant to a full and sophisticated understanding and appreciation of the author or authors in question. The more substantial entries will include suggestions for further reading, full particulars of which will be supplied in a bibliography. Access to information will be facilitated by extensive cross-referencing.

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We trust that volumes in this series will be judged by their effectiveness in providing quick, clear and convenient access to reliable and scholarly information. He read history, poetry, novels, travel books, lives; he wrote satire, lyric, drama, parody, tales, speeches, essays, journals, letters, squibs; he knew drinkers, actors, aristocrats, boxers, talkers, poets, politicians, prostitutes, clergymen, servants, Italians, Greeks, Albanians. In life and later he also generated much biography, criticism, editing and research. Complete coverage is impossible, but the dictionary includes entries or references for all but very minor poems and prose works and attempts to provide as much information as space permits on sources, publication, interpretation and reviews.

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  • The Palgrave Literary Dictionary of Tennyson.
  • His wider cultural impact is registered by entries, some extensive, on his portraits, illustrations of his work, his treatment in fiction, film and drama, and his reception in different countries. There are cross-references for variant titles and for material — poems, people, topics — gathered elsewhere in the dictionary. Reference to most books and articles is by author name and date, with full details provided in the Bibliography. For other references see the list of abbreviations.

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    Anyone studying Byron owes much to Jerome J. Other helpful resources are the Byron Journal and the International Byron Society website , with its editions and essays by the tireless Peter Cochran. My father, Frank Garrett, was also keenly interested in my work; this book is dedicated to his memory. I, ed. Isaac Nathan xiii Ernest J. Lovell, Jr. Leslie A.