The Devils Tree (1)

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Later, when we were driving home, one of our friends thought he was cool because he took a piece of bark off of the tree and had it on him in the car. We pulled the car over, yelled at him, and made him throw it out the window!

Tripping the Devil’s Tree

We went right next to the tree, and put our ears next to the bark. We heard sounds of screaming and children playing. I just wanted to scare them. I told them all the stories and tall tales that went along with it.

Devil's Tree, Florida - The Real Story Behind The Haunted Location

I parked the car and proceeded to get out and walk to the tree. When I placed my hand on the tree, a single strike of lightning illuminated the sky. Either way I thought it was cool and it scares the hell out of me now. We had all heard the legend of this infamous spot and there was much talk of it around my school. One night, my friends and I decided to pay it a visit and see for ourselves how true the legends were.

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We headed out and came upon the tree. We all began to have very bad feelings and decided to scrap our idea of actually getting out of the car and approaching the scene.

We turned around and left without incident. About a week or so later, the talk of the tree began to escalate and one of the kids in the popular crowd began saying that it was all a bunch of bullshit.

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A few days later, his mind would be changed forever. This guy and a carload of other rowdy types decided to go up to see the tree that weekend. On Friday night, they began their journey up the mountain to see what it was all about.

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A friend of mine was in that car, and his story is as follows. Apparently, after cruising back and forth several times, the kids were getting bad vibes and wanted to leave.

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With much commotion surrounding the tree the township designated the area a park where the field and tree are now sanctioned and protected. The tree has a protective chain link fencing around the trunk and the park remains closed with Bernards Township Police patrolling the area for trespassers. Betz noted that there is "some element of truth" when you look at the rumors "but when you dig deeper" it doesn't all check out. A white truck?

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There were no hangings proven," Betz said. Is it real? Is there any truth to it?

We Visited the Devil's Tree, So You Don't Have To

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