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This is very detrimental to both the target and the deposition system in general.

Dr Brown's Prevent Glow in the Dark Butterfly Shield Pacifier Stage 1 (0-6m) – Pink

If this occurs it will be necessary to open the chamber and clean the debris away with either sand paper or a 3M Scotch Brite pad. The dark space shield in the deposition system should be adjustable. Adjustable laterally as well as vertically. When installing a new target, make certain that the gap between the outer perimeter of the target and the dark space shield is uniform in distance around the whole circumference of the target. The gap distance is typically designed to be approximately mm or so.

Any variation in the gap distance from one position to another will change the impedance within the network and possibly arc over to ground potential wherever the shortest gap distance exists.

Additionally the edge of the dark space shield that faces toward the sputtering target should either extend slightly beyond the target surface or at least be even with it. This prevents deposition from the target, as well as re-deposition within the plasma, from building up along the edge of the dark space shield or the edge of the target.

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Both of these detrimental scenarios will eventually cause the gap distance to diminish and eventually short out the target or arc over to ground potential. Care should be taken to check this height after installing a new target as the target thicknesses may vary from one to another. This may especially be true if some targets are bonded to backing plates and some are not.

Dark Space Shields

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