Strategic Writing Mini-Lessons for All Students, Grades 4–8

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As usual, more great info and details! Where and how does this fit in? A writing project typically takes us school days. Students will independently read during stations, but meet with me to work on writing. Just wondering where all of this falls in for you! Hi Angela, I am actually blessed to have a full 3 hour block for literacy blessing and a curse at it shortchanges my science and social studies instruction.

If I only had 90 minutes total for all of my literacy, I would follow a similar reading schedule as I outlined in my comment 4 above. I would also embed grammar in with writing and vocabulary in with reading. Thank you for your reply about your reading block. I am a 5th grade teacher and will be teaching three minute ELA only classes.

In addition to mini-lessons, guided reading, roots, spelling, and etc. What do you assign for HW other than reading a book of choice? Thanks for this helpful post. I have a question about the assessments you use for Friday. Do you make these yourself? What kind of format do you use e.

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  • Strategic Writing Mini-Lessons for All Students, Grades 4-8.
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I love the idea of looking over them quickly to see who needs reteaching. I actually prefer a short highly targeted passage and then questions that specifically ask about the skill. I use these assessments from Mandy Neal. I know there are more lengthy, rigorous assessments out there, but these quickly meet my needs:. This was so helpful as I am preparing to start reading workshop this fall in 4th grade. This gave me a lot of good ideas!

I hope to start blogging about that very soon. Not enough hours in the day…even in summer.. Thank you! Hi Heidi, I am planning on compiling a list of mentor texts that I use and love this month or next fingers crossed! Thanks for asking! This was my question. I thoroughly enjoy reading your Blog and learn so much each time. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, your time, and your products. Hi Alesha, I am planning on compiling a list sometime this month or next fingers crossed! Moving to a new grade 4th next year and looking for this exact resource to rely on while I figure things out! I love your posting!

Question: do you have a resource to use that bullets the reading skills to teach each week and the mentor text to piggy back it with? Thanks for your help!! However, it is my hope to compile one this year. I really love how you teach reading! Do you do any chapter books at all? Can you use that as your text during Guided Reading time? Britani and Ellen, I do use chapter books in addition to picture books.

I read Wonder as my main chapter book for the year. I also do a lot of chapter books during Guided Reading. I rotate between chapter books and nonfiction text in guided reading. So, we may spend 2 weeks on a chapter book and then the next 2 weeks looking at nonfiction articles and texts. Hope this helps!

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During the check in, I may ask them to read a little for me in a whisper voice, summarize what they have read, or just share their thoughts. What state do you teach in? I have a 90 min block. Could I do 60 min reading and a 30 min writing?

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Where would I do grammar and word study? I really appreciate your awesome ideas! I started the reading stations you described last week and the kids love them! Do you use different level novels with the small groups? This is all so wonderful! Thank you for sharing. I do have one question about spelling. When do you fit in time to introduce new spelling words? Is that part of your Monday? I usually give a pretest on Monday then give word work as one of the centers. What are your thoughts? You are an amazing teacher.

I definitely love and feel so excited about the introductory portion of this lesson — where you read and clarify the strategy. It is very student friendly, and learning objective oriented. I love it!

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I teach Spanish for heritage speakers 9th grade and find these strategies very useful and accommodating to the needs of the students in a language that they are starting to become literate. I translate it all and it works wonder. I love this biog and your resources! Its super helpful as I am a second year teacher but this is my first year teaching 5th grade and moving from teaching one content ares to three.

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I am striving to make it more engaging but was struggling with how I would incorporate the small groups and centers on a continual basis. My question is do you do your centers everyday and what is the structure of your class on the days that you do not do centers or guided reading groups? Also, I would love to know how you go about creating lesson plans. Is it easier for you to just plan out what you are going to do then place those elements into a lesson plan template.

Im asking because Im note of a plan out what I want to do first but the district I work for requires us to submit general lesson plans on a online template. Thanks again for sharing these awesome resources!

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I am a new follower and absolutely love your ideas, wisdom and products. I have a silly question, I love your idea of glueing in those pages into their journals, do these pages fit into those black and white composition books. I like those better because papers tend to rip out of the spirals. Thank you for sharing your methods so generously with us. Hello Jennifer, This will be my 2nd year teaching 4th grade, and I really want to implement guided reading into my reading workshop.

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Reading your site and posts, I got super excited and hopeful what next school year will bring. Everything looks so wonderful!! I want them all!!

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But, I have to pace myself, so what do you recommend that I purchase to start out my reading groups? Also, would it be possible to communicate with you via email?

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If so, my email is psantoscoy bps. Your help would be much appreciated. Thank you Jennifer for your awesome site and resources! Your site gave me great new methods for teaching reading workshop that I hope will encourage both motivation and engagement. I download, among many other things, the pacing guide for reading workshop.

I tried last year to compile one but I honestly got overwhelmed because so many books could work with so many skills. However, I am going to try again this school year. I am actually going to try and create a post for each major reading skill with at least two read aloud recommendations with more details about how the books work for the standard.

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