Rauchen und Schizophrenie (German Edition)

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Weitere klinische Studien zu diesem Thema sind dringend erforderlich.

Kokainpsychose - von der Paranoia in den Wahnsinn

This review considers more recent findings on reduction of cigarette consumption among smokers who are not currently interested in smoking cessation. We performed a systematic literature search. The currently available studies do not provide clear evidence that just reducing cigarette consumption decreases the health risk.

[Sport as applied therapy in patients with schizophrenic psychoses].

However, smoking reduction does appear to increase the probability that smokers will later quit smoking. The majority of the currently published studies provide evidence that nicotine replacement therapy NRT is suitable for supporting reduction.

NRT, particularly in combination with behaviour-related interventions, has a positive effect both on reducing the number of cigarettes smoked daily and on longer-term abstinence. Initial positive effects of behaviour-related interventions without NRT were found in schizophrenia patients. Batra H.

Thieme E-Journals - Suchttherapie / Abstract

Friederich U. Leitthema First Online: 21 August Treatment of tobacco dependence A responsibility of psychiatry and addiction medicine. This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access.

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A curious study of younger brothers

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