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Religious beliefs are and should only be a personal private affair and no one else's businesses. Let's have peace of mind and spirit by keeping it personal. Help Centre. Track My Order. My Wishlist Sign In Join. Be the first to write a review. Sorry, the book that you are looking for is not available right now. Description Product Details Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! Getting to know the unknown God involves three things. Number one, recognize God is. Number two, recognize who God is.

Number three, recognize what God is saying.

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Now, you see the progression there? Ultimately, knowing God means that you believe there is a God, that you understand who he is, and that you understand what he requires. To begin with, then, Paul wants them to say that there is a God. They were supernaturalists. I mean they had gods everywhere as I said.

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There must be the belief that God is. Now, look at verse You are very religious folks.

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  6. They were very religious and perhaps very satisfied with their religiosity. And then after reacts to that, you can go from there. But Einstein was wrong; we can know Him. But at least he believed God is. Well, you know, I have a view on why people are atheists. Now listen, do you know why people buy atheistic philosophy for the most part? Because they are sinners and — watch — they want to eliminate the ultimate judgment on such sinfulness. Consequently, they eliminate God. Because no man could live a vile life and be any way content in that vileness while believing in a God who was judgmental.

    So, what does he do? He wants to live his sinful life, so he just reasons God out to accommodate his sinfulness. This is also indicated, I think, in Psalm 10, verses 11 and Forget not the humble. And Athens was full of people who were supernaturalists who believed in God.

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    But it was also full of some people who were atheists, at least practical atheists. And so, here Paul is about to present the true God. Now, you know, there are reasons to believe that God is. Just think about it.

    A Prayer for the Unknown

    That — believing that nothing in this universe came from anything. That is faith that is unbelievable. One is law of cause and effect.

    No effect can ever come about without a cause. And here we are. How can you have a puddle in nothing from nothing? You know, in Hebrews , what a subtle statement. Hebrews , I just love it. One day we had a — a lumberyard deliver a whole pile of lumber, and we set a stick of dynamite, and it blew up, and it all landed like this.

    Praying to an Unknown God: A Personal Journey of Faith

    And the bedrooms are all upstairs, and the plumbing was right in the right spot for the kitchen. It was terrific. How could you ever have anything without a first cause? I mean the world is so absolutely intricate, and design is so astounding. Listen to Psalm and 10, absolutely terrific.

    Because one of the big arguments, you know, that we have in evolution is how do you ever get as complex a being as a human out of a puddle? How do you get intelligence from non-intelligence? How do you get moral judgment from a non-moral? Moral judgment. Ethical judgments. The thinking process. How do you get those things? He who formed the eye, shall He not see?

    He who chastises the nations, shall He not correct? He who teaches man knowledge, shall He not know?

    In other words, intelligence comes from intelligence. One who creates hearing has to hear. One who creates sight has to see. One who makes moral judgments has to be a moral being. I want to take a minute to read it to you. And he saw the design and the creation of the world one day in his life, and it shattered him. This is what he wrote. Very prosaic. I was seated on the grass interwove with olden blooms immediately on the crystal Colorado River of Texas. Dim in the distant west arose with smoky outlines, massy and irregular, the blue cones of an offshoot of the Rocky Mountains.

    It laid fast hold of my fancy without exciting my faith. It fell close by a beautiful little flower that looked fresh and bright, as if it had just fallen from the bosom of a rainbow. I broke it from its silvery stem, and I began to examine its structure. Its stamens were five in number.

    Its calyx had five parts. Its delicate coral base had five parts, expanding like the rays of a Texas star. I had never thought on such a subject before. I felt my heart leap in my bosom.

    Praying to an Unknown God

    The enigma of the universe was opened. Swift as I thought, I calculated the chances against the production of those three equations of five in one flower by any principle devoid of reason. I found there were chances to 1 that it would happen. I extended the calculation to two flowers by squaring the sums mentioned. I extended the calculation to more flowers.

    The chances amounted to 2 to the large sum of 15, to 1. And then I cast my eyes around the forest.