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Christian poems can try to communicate the sense of peace and safety that comes with knowing Jesus Christ. The Christian poem below tries to do that. It's a Christian rhyming poem. I thought I had no need for what God brings; I gave no heed to murmurs from my soul. Your mind is whirling, but your heart is dead, So turn to God and let go of your pride.

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Direction, purpose, fullness and release— Life with God is very, very good. The Christian poem above, To Do List From God , is a Christian verse that focuses on how much better and more peaceful life is when we move away from worldly things and closer to Jesus.

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Christian poems often talk about the transition to Christianity. This poem for Christians is for those who remember what their lives were like before being saved. To Do List from God is a Christian poem about Christians, also a Christian rhyme, that reveals how the stresses of the world and our need to plan and control things can make life difficult. When we turn it all over to God, life becomes so much more peaceful and satisfying, as this Christian poem says.

Christian poems can address Jesus directly, with thanks and praise, as this one does. It's a Jesus Christ poem that reveal how Jesus knows what we feel. Just Like Me Dear Lord, forgive our yielding to temptation; Forgive our pride, our love of worldly things. Have mercy on our love of sensual pleasure, Compassion on the sins that self love brings. It must be hard to understand us sometimes; So very different is your heart and mind.

You suffered just like we do, and you were tempted. You lived with us so you could comprehend The things that we go through each trying day, So you could give us mercy, and be our friend.

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Thank you for compassion and forgiveness; Thank you for your love and empathy. Some Christian poems come out of personal experience. This Christian poem comes straight from my heart. It's a Christian verse right out of my life. I search the Bible for His good advice; My will to His commands must be deferred. I want to mold my life after His own. I know some problems are blessings in disguise, But Lord, sometimes I feel so doggone blue.

Ephesians says "forgive as the Lord forgave you; Get rid of anger and every form of malice. Christian poetry should make Christians aware of the importance of their faith to the world. This Christian poem admonishes Christians to put their faith into practice. It's also an implied Christian wish.

This video, " An Atheist's Conversion," could have a number of applications for you. The "Million Dollar Bill Tracts" are available here. They only cost a few pennies. Christian poems and inspirational Christian poetry should lift up the reader, as this Christian spiritual poem about Christians does. This could also be used as a Christian church poem. Save me from the world, Lord, When tempting things entice; Remind me of eternity With You, in paradise. Christian poems and inspirational Christian poetry should invoke the name of Christ Jesus, as this Christian verse does.

It's a free verse Christian poem that acknowledges our need for our Lord. Like lost wanderers in a burning, empty desert thirst for cool, clean water, we long for you to quench us.

In a world gone progressively mad, with chaos all around us, we seek refuge in the order and purpose of your law. With evil sneaking, leaking everywhere, spreading heavy darkness, creating feelings of emptiness, we hunger for your goodness and light.

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Turn us around, Lord, we pray; retrieve your sheep who have gone astray. Draw us to the satisfaction of your purity and righteousness. Cleanse us, and make us more like you, role models, examples, beacons, for others who are searching for meaning for their lives. Come, Lord Jesus. We need you, Lord.

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Matthew Proverbs By Joanna Fuchs. Christian inspirational poetry often talks about what Christian living is about. This Christian poem about Christians idealizes the Christian life, one that is impossible for a worldly sinner to attain, but one to which Christians must aspire. A Perfect Christian You could count on a perfect Christian To always be gentle and humble, To be immune to sin, And never, ever stumble. Inspirational Christian poetry often centers on Jesus as role model, as this Christian verse does.

This Christian spiritual poem helps us to keep our priorities straight. Guard me against this corrupting world, Its perverted priorities, temptations, too. Direct my mind toward Your commands, So I can focus my life on You. Fill my heart with Your light and love, So I can assist those I see in need; With You as my role model, let me be Like You in thought and word and deed.

Christian poems can address specific life events, like graduation. Here's a Christian graduation poem. There are more graduation poems on our graduation poems page. Just trust in Him to guide you In His divine and perfect will. If you'll pray and read His Holy Word, His plan you will fulfill. Whatever happens in your life, On the Lord you can depend. There's nothing you can't handle With Jesus as your best friend. Congratulations, and may the Lord bless you always!

Christian poems about Christians can describe the spiritual struggles that Christians go through, as this free verse Christian poem does. Focus, focus, focus! I need to focus, laser-like on a simple, God-centered life.

Do I really need to make that frivolous purchase, instead of giving the money to someone who needs it so much more than I do? Can I watch that TV show, read that book, listen to that song that contains and promotes! Do I do enough to love and help and encourage others?

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Pride always hovers, eagerly waiting to subdue and conquer humility, so I think too much of myself. I know the rules; the Bible makes everything clear. Christian poems and inspirational Christian poetry can comfort those in distress, as this free Christian poem does. It's a Christian verse that acknowledges that we can derive strength, courage and comfort from knowing our Lord is always there for us.