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Ashlyn Hi! Stephanie Nicholas I'm a mama to 3 fierce little girls! I'm also a tattoo artist, a pinup enthusiast and lover of all things magical. Christine Self made. Be a king, even if you are a lady. Tay Kambeitz Think like a Queen. A Queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another stepping stone to greatness Confident, Driven, Intelligent, Happy. Lisa Tudisco I try my best to always inspire others with my hard work, learning from my mistakes and loving as hard as I can!

Make life great!! Filia I love to express myself in any way that I can as much as I can. Our words are more powerful than we realize. I love creating art through modeling and my goal is to inspire others. Im adventurous my tattoos explain it all! Life's too short to blend in and be ordinary! Aimee Somebody's mother. Always trying to outdo myself. Moriah Haenen I love to be creative and in nature. Very out going but some how super shy. Just finished my body suit have been working on it for 7 years.

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Jess sweet and sarcastic child stuck in an body that has had its share of crazy adventures. Loves cats, adventure, zombies, and tattoos. Kasie Evans I am a total mermaid! I have several tattoos but the one that expresses me the most is my mermaid and merman in a passionate kiss. Olivia Bartender, biology major, artist. Lover of dogs, whiskey, hiking, and more so tattoos. I too often find it often too sexy for my personal tastes when it comes to my own wardrobe!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

A resounding yes to everything that you said here! Even in Canada, where vintage or rockabilly or pinup looks are not a common sight, even in most big cities, I too run into this and while it doesn't per se bother me, I do wish that this mindset was quite as prevalent amongst the general public. Thank you very much for speaking to candidly about this topic, which I think most of us more traditional vintage or vintage inspired, etc wearers encounter on a regular basis, yet rarely discus.

That's me whenever I'm out thrifting for jewelry. Thanks Jessica : I couldn't help but include the smelling bracelets bit because as soon as I imagined it in my head, the antique dealers face being like "what the This is a really interesting, thought-provoking article, Bianca.

I'm not sure why, but I never considered that pin-ups were intended for the male gaze. Of course I find them sexy and alluring, but for some reason it never crossed my mind that they could be seen as anti-feminist as I myself am very supportive of feminists, and could quite possibly call myself one.

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I've always thought of the girls in the photos and paintings as being quite feminist, although they're saying something along the lines of: "I don't care what you think; I love my body the way it is, and am free to show it off as I wish". Like, in earlier eras, women were expected to keep almost entirely covered from head to toe - even an ankle was scandalous in Victorian times, or so I've heard - and would have been seen as promiscuous for baring a shoulder or a tiny bit of innocent leg which aren't really sexual at all, in most cases.

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Whereas, I've seen that boys and men showing their legs, and other parts of their bodies, is more acceptable - even today! Not to mention, some pin-up photos and paintings feature beautiful plus-size girls showing off their bodies as, say, a more slender, typically model-like girl would - and are seen as extremely glamour-puss and sultry, being appreciated as much as a size 0 model would be.

That's what I admire about pin-ups of the past and today - that they're unafraid to show off their figures and flirt a bit. They're just my theories, and I'm sorry for the long-winded comment! Thanks Ellie, I agree with a lot of your thoughts too. There definitely is a higher level of agency in a pin-up's eye. She does seem to say as you put "I don't care what you think; I love my body the way it is, and am free to show it off as I wish" and I think modern pin ups seem to "say" this even more.

The way pin-ups portrayed a sexually aware woman was really new and different in its time.

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I really like how women have been repackaging pin up as something made by women and made for women too, us girls gotta stick together out there! Thank you for your long and engaging comment! Ooh, I should really read that article when I have time - I swear there are not enough hours in the day! Thank you so much for saying this. I spend so much time not buying "vintage" inspired dresses because they are both overly revealing and some combination of black and red. As a redhead and a modest kinda gal, I would love to see a range of "ordinary vintage" dresses in navy, green, cream etc..

I too lament at the lack of options, I am lucky I can sew to make up for the dearth of more everyday vintage styles! I'm telling you guys, it's on my dream list to open up just such a shop myself one day :. I'm not surprised people get the labels wrong. I find them confusing myself.

I started to type a comment about pin up fashion and then I wasn't sure if what I was describing was more rockabilly X so No matter what your niche, others will not know what to call it.

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There's the "great pin up look" when you are in vintage, the "Oh I love fifties style" when you are looking s, "I like your cloche" when you're in a pillbox. Fashion isn't everyone's thing, especially not vintage fashion, so they are simply never going to learn.

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I remember a guy at uni saying "I've never seen you in a dress before" when I was wearing a skirt and top. As for the feminism thing, I think that women should wear what they want, be as sexy as then want xv or as modest as they want. We need to not let how men view our clothes stop us from expressing ourselves. But I do agree that more repro companies should embrace the other side of vintage. Those that have seem to be doing quite well. They are mostly on the more expensive side of the market, but since I only buy ethically made clothes anyway, it doesn't bother me!

I feel like pin-up and rockabilly are very similar, the only difference I assume being that rockabilly is more focused on the music. I actually think we're pretty well-catered for over here in the UK with 'everyday' vintage repro, from brands like Heyday Online, The Seamstress of Bloomsbury, and 20th Century Foxy. In the UK I wonder if it's because we're into lots of re-enactment stuff around WWII, and people who do that demand stuff that is quite authentic rather than pin-up? There's also a massive rockabilly and pin-up scene, but like you said, I think it can be a gateway drug that made me laugh!

Or it can work the other way around, and some people start off with vintage and end up being pin-up happened to a friend of mine! I find generally that dressing in a vintage or pin-up way doesn't make people treat me differently in terms of judging my sexual availability or anything like that - I actually think that wearing red lippy and having elaborate hair-dos can make someone appear quite intimidating, I think it can make someone seem less approachable, people don't know what box to file you under!

Really interesting article, I will be sure to check out those links too x. If only the exchange rate wasn't so steep I could shop the fabulous UK brands you mentioned! When I lived in London briefly in I lived on the same road Holloway road as Vivien of Holloway which is pretty pin-up to be fair which was crazy to me as I had never seen a strictly vintage repro shop before! I also went to school with a girl while in London who modeled for Tara Starlet funny enough. It seems like vintage repro is even more of a thing in the UK than it is here in the US!

It is a side effect I find rather useful actually, any guy scared by my red lipstick probably wouldn't be the one for me anyway! I really enjoyed this post and totally agree! Thank you so much for writing about this!

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I do love some of the pin up looks - some of the art work and photographs out there are just stunning - but I find they don't suit me personally. I go for a more authentic look when I go to living history events. The everyday average Jane is really under represented at most events. And it does kind of bother me when the general public automatically links vintage with these styles.