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She is in fact rather cyclothymic and depending on her mood, she is capable of choosing the path of least resistance or by conversely, showing great enthusiasm But there are two sides to every coin, and she has creativity on her side. What does she like? Furthermore, she can be courageous and enterprising when she needs to be. Difficulty and the unknown stimulate her instead of leaving her discouraged or disheartened Her love life is important to her and she is both tender and sensual in a relationship, but she is nonetheless a woman of conquest.

Get your free Personality test card now!! With her deeply intuitive and inspired nature, she is best suited to the artistic or esthetic domains as well as the social sciences. Nevertheless, the world of finance could be equally appealing to her. It sometimes happens that two different first names have the same meaning.

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Love, money , Shape: discover what waits for you for today. In Bonus every day find your daily lucky figure.. Horoscope of the first names. The way Bouyett creates their realities is a mirror of our own lives, and he sparks the necessary reactions we should all have towards this violence. His pieces are visually and emotionally invoking, truly provocative, and inspiring. Read the whole spread here.

Jax had the idea to finally start the band. We finally started rehearsing in October of He and Jax had met in high school, where they played in the marching band together.

Data Carpentry Python Ecology Lesson Translated into Spanish

Originally Javier got involved with Cabrona as their tech guy, troubleshooting any and all technical issues, but when their original drummer moved out of the country, they brought in Javier. They had played previously all over the city, including at Fed Up Fest in But at this point, it was mainly only fans in front of us. Originally called Chemical X, an ode to the beloved Powerpuff Girls, they eventually changed their name to Cabrona to more closely represent their roots.

The word cabrona, for anyone who speaks Spanish, has a lot of meaning. Women who challenge and not pleased with obvious answers but always finds the correct answer. Forming relationships and close ties not by necessity but by choice and, consequently, seeks to achieve a better life for herself and those around her. For all members, being a Cabrona is something unique, but it also binds them together. For Fatima, being a Cabrona means having her own persona that she can embody on stage.


Javier says that as someone who identifies as male, the meaning is a little different. Calling myself a Cabrona has changed how I think of myself a lot. There was one instance during one of their shows at the Mutiny, a Chicago dive club, in which they felt discriminated. It starts off with Jax singing in a very sweet, girly voice and then it grows in intensity.

Having been told that their music has been therapeutic for their listeners, Cabrona wants to ensure that the feeling remains. As first generation Latinxs, they want to represent others who are underrepresented. Their music, more than anything, is about reaching out to marginalized people and making them feel empowered. Follow Cabrona on social media and get in touch with your inner Cabrona:.

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Facebook: facebook. Twitter: cabronaband. Instagram: cabronaband. Soundcloud: soundcloud. Bandcamp: cabrona. See the whole issue here. And I understand, or I think I do. My dad hates America, and I do too. He was gone for the first few years of my life, until my mom demanded that he take my older brothers and I back to the United States with him. His 15 hour shifts picking artichoke, strawberries, broccoli, spinach, etc. We stayed in California for about half a year, until I was six. But then my older brother Ezequiel started hanging out with gang members in Castroville. My parents feared he would become a criminal and end up in jail, so we moved to rural Illinois.

My father traded in his connection to the land to work in a meat-packing factory, where he would insert rectal cleansers inside of dead pigs. My mother, who had previously not worked, had to join him in order to make ends meet. She worked third shift, dipping her gloved hands into the hot blood gathered inside of pig skulls in order to scoop out every pig brain that passed by her on the assembly line. They worked like this for 10 years, succumbing to long hours, strict rules, strong punishments and discrimination at Farmland Foods.

Perhaps it was putting my brothers and I through school that kept them going. Ultimately, I think it was all part of the American Dream; the false belief that if you work yourself almost to death, you will one day be economically stable and happy. When the opportunity to break free from Farmland came, it was because my dad got fired for taking a dollar bill that he found sticking out of a vending machine, even though he had planned to turn it in.

Luckily, my brother Ezequiel had moved to Houston where he worked as a logistics agent at an international logistics company and managed to get my dad a job there. He has to be up at 4am the next morning so he says goodnight and goes into his bedroom. I just need time. As I hug my dad, I realize that more than anything, he is starting to understand that no matter how many steps you take in the right direction, no matter how much you play by the rules, you are most likely going to end up losing.

I think that he is, or maybe I am, or perhaps both of us are simultaneously understanding that you can go to jail for trying to live the American dream. You can run away from bad decisions, have good morals, a family, but you still run the risk of being criminalized, for being poor and racking up too much debt to keep your family well fed and well educated; for being Mexican immigrants who are doing everything in their power to get ahead given their limited circumstances.

No matter what, it is not enough for American banks, for the law, for corporations. No matter what good my family has done, it still falls short in the eyes of this corrupt system. The very first time I was confronted by my family about the content on my Facebook was my freshman year in college. I was not yet out, and had posted a photograph of my girlfriend at the time and I kissing.