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FNB App Banking on the go is fast, reliable, secure and free of data costs. Online Banking Experience quality, usability, safety and ease. Cellphone Banking Anytime, anywhere banking for any cellphone. Once your piles are made, pull out all of the items you sorted to sell. Friday, Saturday and Sunday mornings are usually the best time to hold your garage sale. The earlier the start, the cooler the temperature will be. Rainy days keep the buyers away! You can buy simple pricing stickers and blank labels at the dollar store or any office supply store. Grab a table and chairs so you can have a designated area to cash people out and stay comfortable. You can set out blankets, boxes and storage containers, or even lay a board over two sturdy boxes.

Whatever you do, make sure breakable items are supported on a stable surface. If you need an objective opinion, ask a friend to come over and tell you what they would reasonably pay for the item. Do a quick search online to check the current value. Keep it realistic by pricing things a quarter or a third of what they would cost brand new. Make sure your prices are in plain view by using price tags or stickers. Just try not to confuse your customers. Bigger items call for bigger price tags. Make it big, noticeable and attractive to the buyer.

Look around for ways to make a deal. Many potential buyers will walk away from big prices and never even bother to haggle—and you just lost a sale. But do grab some signs and balloons from the dollar store and draw big arrows letting folks know how to get to your house.

Be sure the path is so simple, a first-grader could find it! If you want to advertise in the local paper, church bulletin, or neighborhood Facebook group, go for it. If you build it, they will come.

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Make sure you have enough small bills to make change for your customers. Everyone wants a deal. If the customer wants to negotiate, then let them negotiate, but stick to your guns if the price gets too low. Well, not yet anyway. Before you try to sell those things that have been collecting dust, actually clean them off!

Fill bicycle tires and basketballs with air. If something needs batteries to run, fill it with some half-used batteries so the buyer knows it works. Keep an extension cord handy for buyers to test out appliances that require an outlet. And place a mirror near the clothing and accessories.


It might seem silly, but going the extra mile can really make a big difference between making a sale or losing one. The morning of the sale, get up early and do a little setting up. For everything else, keep it organized, clearly priced, and easy to sort through. Stock your checkout area with plastic grocery bags and newspaper to wrap up fragile items.

Those small touches will go a long way! So, why not cut them in on the profits? Is this just a secret ploy to get your teen to clean their room? Do you have younger kids? Let them get involved by manning a lemonade stand or bake sale booth.