I AM The Soul’s Heartbeat: The Seven I AM Sayings in The Gospel of St John

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No, we mean he they are considerably bigger and stronger than ourselves.

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In addition, there is nothing in the Bible that supports the theory that angels bred with human women. Genesis is not talking about spirit beings at all. Compare with the previous chapter This shows us that there were people who began to call themselves the sons of God meaning they were a people who knew and worshipped God. It was these men who called themselves the sons of God that took to themselves many wives of which they chose.

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This expression means that they began to take wives from those who did not worship God. Consider also that spirit beings do not marry Luke Giants is a term that means tyrants, or bullies. Some have tried to use a supposed book of Enoch to justify this theory. But we must consider that the book of Enoch is a spurious writing that cannot be trusted. That book tells a fairy tale story of Enoch who supposedly went to heaven and God used Enoch to correct the angels.

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It contains many heretical theories and statements. Both 1 Enoch and Jubilees are unmistakable products of Hellenistic civilization. A world view so encyclopaediac that it embraced the geography of heaven and earth, astronomy, meteorology, medicine was no part of Jewish tradition — but was familiar to educated Greeks, but attempting to emulate and surpass Greek wisdom, by having an integrating divine plan for destiny, elaborated through an angelic host with which Enoch is in communication through his mystical travels.

Dear Dr. This, I believe, had much of its beginnings with Biblical omissions of Constantine. I feel that unbelief in much of the truths of Genesis and Exodus have led to firm evolution beliefs and even focus on extraterrestrial life. Could they be manifestations of the fallen angels? Instead these questions are swept under the rug, leaving our youth as unprepared prey to many unGodly professors. Lennart Moller. Jones, PH. I will be joining him on an 8-day rafting trip through The Grand Canyon in June. Google the name Tom Vail its founder.

If ignored, they usually become the discipline problems. Could God have left physical evidences to bring them to belief?

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Fossil bones are seen all over. Some are very large. Sea shells are on mountain tops. People try to understand what they see.

20 Comforting Bible Verses to Warm Your Heart

The cyclops could have been an elephant skull found in Greece long after elephants had been exterminated. They all knew there used to be giants and water above the mountain tops. Creation stories have to include what was created. Where do you get the interpretation that Raphaim means dead ones? Quite obviously they were trying to describe extraterrestrials who visited this planet eons ago.

Similarly, Ezekiel tries to describe an extraterrestrial ship. Where did Nephilim in the post-flood period Ezek There were only Noah and his 7 family members after the flood. Bible commentators, considering verse 4, have offered several suggestions as to the identity of these Nephilim. These latter scholars hold the opinion that the Nephilim were simply wicked men like Cain—robbers, bullies, and tyrants who roamed the earth until they were destroyed by the Flood. Still another group, taking into consideration not only the meaning of the name Nephilim but also the context of verse 4, conclude that the Nephilim were not themselves angels, but were the hybrid offspring resulting from materialized angels having intercourse with the daughters of men.

Were they men who were worshipers of Jehovah as distinguished from the general run of wicked mankind , as some claim? The Bible implies that their marriage to the daughters of men resulted in whipping up the badness in the earth. Also, the question might be asked, Why mention their marriage to the daughters of men as something special?

Marriage and childbearing had been taking place for more than 1, years. Ge , 2, 8, ; ; Jos But heaven is the proper abode of spirit persons, and the angels there have positions of service under Jehovah. In Mythology. The fame and dread of the Nephilim, it appears, gave rise to many mythologies of heathen people who, after the confusion of languages at Babel, were scattered throughout the earth.

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Though the historical forms of the Genesis account were greatly distorted and embellished, there was a remarkable resemblance in these ancient mythologies those of the Greeks being only one example , in which gods and goddesses mated with humans to produce superhuman heroes and fearful demigods having god-man characteristics. A Report Intended to Terrorize. And there we saw the Nephilim, the sons of Anak, who are from the Nephilim; so that we became in our own eyes like grasshoppers, and the same way we became in their eyes.

It is also the reason for satanically-inspired antagonism toward Israel and Christians, Ephesians This article is pretty simplistic. Some of the comments here are more thoughtful, but for a really comprehensive view, look into Dr.

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Seth decendants were the sons of God, and they mingled with Cain seeds who were giants, Satan use men of human strength but God always use the weak and the least. There was a remnant of giants even after the flood because it was in the bloodline somewhere. Noahs children and daughter in laws were saved because of noahs riteous life. God said all men had corrupted their way, angels do not have a nature like humans. Could this be a biblical reference to the Neanderthals?

It is now believed there was some interbreeding between Neanderthals and Homo sapiens. Art thou on the Path?

Seek and ye shall find. Doest thou want to comprehend the secrets of the cosmos? Your first clue. Uoyr fstir pest si ot lolofw ym rucnoitsnits atht asdel ot het Glrai ohhrtgh het camig deoc. Ksa orf Glrai doce. Sorry professor White but your data is incomplete. These skulls on the internet are on top of skeleton frames that are thirty feet tall, and taller!

Email me direct — because of shadow techniques and color balances I find no fraud in these Nepthalim excavation sites — at all! Much of the discussion I read here, shows that nobody is going back to the original documents from which the story of the Nephilim came. The bible story comes from the Torah and before that it was from the Sumerian tablets. It is not a word with derivatives from Greek as someone tried to make out.

It came before Greece existed. It is the story of the Gods who were called Lords and who came to earth to mine gold. Others warn of not reading Enoch.