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Yet, as mentioned, these data are extremely important. Is the Commission already trying to set up a central criminal register or similar system? As Member States could not agree on a central system, the European Criminal Records Information System allows for decentralized, computerised exchanges of information extracted from criminal records for criminal proceedings and other purposes between Member States, for example screening procedures for employment.

The Commission gives technical support to the system. Seit dem 1. Wie bewertet die Kommission die Verwendung von Insekten als tierische Proteine in der landwirtschaftlichen Nutztierhaltung? Consideration is also being given to the use in the future of processed animal protein from poultry in pig feed and of processed animal protein from pigs in poultry feed, as soon as validated diagnostic methods are available to monitor the ban on animals re-entering their own foodchain.

However insects reared under controlled conditions before being dried and ground into meal can also make a valuable contribution to rebalancing the protein deficit in the rearing of farm animals. Is the Commission planning to relax the feed ban on processed animal protein from dried and ground invertebrates?

The Commission considers that protein of insect origin has the potential of being a useful form of protein for animal feed. The Commission is keeping this issue under review and will be prepared to propose modifications to the current rules where appropriate. Since , the European Regional Development Fund ERDF has been able to finance programmes for housing renovation and the regeneration of urban centres in all Member States, in particular energy efficiency and integrated urban regeneration projects aimed at supporting vulnerable communities.

The regulations were modified twice later in the programming period, after which housing investments became possible, to a limited extent, in all Member States. However, the available information does not permit the identification of amounts specifically allocated in favour of vulnerable communities in each area of intervention. The Commission suggests that the Honourable Member contact directly the managing authority of the programmes, in the Ministry of Development.

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Can the Commission state how many students from third-level institutions in Ireland participated in the Erasmus programme during the years , and ? The participation of students from Irish higher education institutions in Erasmus student mobility has evolved over the last three years as follows. Can the Commission estimate the economic benefits for the European Union of a successful Canada-EU Free Trade Agreement, and can the Commission provide an update on the status of the negotiations that are currently ongoing between both parties?

Any comprehensive trade and economic agreement CETA between EU and Canada would cover key issues of relevance to creating a modern trade and investment environment, from ambitious new market access opportunities to clear rules for European and Canadian businesses and investors. It is also expected that once implemented, an agreement would increase two-way bilateral trade in goods and services by As regards the status of the CETA negotiations, these are now in their final phase. The Commission has had very intense discussions with Canada during May and the first half of June.

While important progress has been made, a number of key outstanding issues remain with respect to some aspects of investment protection and public procurement as well as agricultural market access and the protection of geographical indications. The Commission remains committed to finalise the CETA negotiations as swiftly as possible but in respect of the EU's negotiating mandate. Although very close to conclusion, the final agreement on CETA will require further constructive efforts from both sides and the Commission remains in close contact with Canadian counterparts to this end.

Can the Commission estimate the broad economic benefits for the European Union of a successful US-EU Free Trade Agreement, and can the Commission provide an update on the status of the negotiations that are currently ongoing between both parties, following the mandate achieved by the Irish Presidency?

Fare saponi vegetali

Esto sigue siendo aplicable en el estado actual del proceso. Am This holds true at the current state of the process. Readmission agreements have been a focal point of a common European policy on migration. Are such bilateral agreements between Member States compatible with existing European legislation, such as the Schengen Code and Convention or the asylum acquis concerning the allocation of responsibility between Member States?

Given that these agreements were signed before the legislation referred to above, are they still valid today? If so, does the Commission have a regularly updated inventory of, and is it monitoring, all bilateral agreements linked to readmission concluded between Member States?

There are, however, two exceptions to this rule:.

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It results that the application of bilateral readmission agreements which entered into force before the cut-off date of An exhaustive and updated overview of all readmission agreements between Member States is publicly available at the Return Migration and Development Platform of the European University Institute:. Seaside tourism companies in Europe have seen significant growth over the past few years due to changes in demand by tourists longer holiday period and also the local population current fashions and a warmer climate.

These companies play a key role in managing European coasts, particularly in the Mediterranean. Seaside tourism companies play a key social role since they employ a large number of people in micro-regions and have also attempted over the past few years to move away from seasonal employment.

The indirect implications for local economies are significant and should be evaluated. Furthermore, seaside resorts are in a position to work together with municipal councils to ensure that the resorts are safe by putting in place surveillance measures and limiting the number of people on the beach. Funding opportunities for investments geared to ensure the sustainability and protection of coastal areas are available under different EU programmes, including the European Fund for Fisheries. Support for tourism investments continues to be a potential activity area of the future Operational Programmes under the European Structural and Investment Funds, if they are connected to the thematic priorities and objectives of the funds.

The Commission already encourages the exchange of best practice in the field of coastal and maritime tourism. Of those non-working persons, What action is being taken by the Commission under the European Employment Strategy to address the issue of unemployment among persons with disabilities?

What progress has been made by the Commission in implementing a framework for job creation in the Health and Social Care sector? As regards the assistance allowance, does the Commission intend to implement an employment promotion strategy to allow for investment in services for disabled persons, as set out in the Employment Package? The Employment Guidelines address the integration of people with disabilities in the labour market.

In the European Semester, the Commission monitors the Member States' performance in achieving the goals of the Europe strategy. A Joint Action on health workforce forecasting and planning has kicked off. In addition, the Commission carries out studies of recruitment and retention strategies and of continouous professional development. The Commission's social investment package provides policy advice in terms of tailoring support with regard to groups with special needs, e. The European Disability Strategy includes measures to facilitate the employment of persons with disabilities.

The definitions and criteria for determining disability are a matter of Member State competence. Around one billion people in the world are suffering from hunger and another billion are undernourished.

Most of those affected are women, children and small farmers. Given its specific nature, agriculture is one of the sectors most affected by climate change. This has major implications for the security of food supply. Agricultural policy is a key factor in safeguarding food supplies, ensuring sustainable growth in rural areas and combating poverty. Effectively this means that large-scale agriculture must exist alongside small and medium-scale agriculture, which accounts for a large number of farmers, particularly in countries afflicted by food shortages, the common objective being to improve access to know-how and secure additional market openings with a view to achieving sustainable growth in these areas and thus reducing hunger in the world.

Given that the aim of the new CAP is the implementation of sustainable farming practices and rural development policies adapted to the challenges arising at local level, does the Commission intend to introduce a market management mechanism adapted to a variety of sectors and geographical areas so as to ensure the more effective and responsible involvement of farmers and their organisations and thus prevent the situation described above occurring in future?

Market management mechanisms under the CAP have evolved considerably since its beginnings and are at present considered as a means to provide farmers a safety net in times of severe market distortions.

Vasetti. Guida illustrata alle monoporzioni creative : Erika Gobbetti :

The shift in focus of the CAP from price support through market intervention to producer support through direct payments, while placing greater emphasis on environmental and territorial sustainability through rural development measures, was driven by the need to make EU agriculture more market oriented.

The present changes to the CAP agreed at political level for the period will enable further improvements in the competitiveness of EU agriculture, notably by ending remaining production limitations, abolishing certain aid schemes that artificially influence producers' decisions. Measures to facilitate cooperation amongst producers and along the supply chain are also introduced.

Overall, the new CAP should be more focused towards longer term economic and environmental sustainability of EU agriculture through better targeting direct payments e. These changes should ensure the contribution of EU agriculture to food security in a sustainable way. According to the latest reports, there is constant tension between the Frelimo Mozambique Liberation Front Government and Renamo Mozambican National Resistance , which is mounting as the elections approach.

Renamo is seeking to renegotiate the peace agreements and disputes the electoral laws adopted by the Frelimo majority, and in particular the composition of the National Electoral Committee, and is threatening to boycott the elections. The last three months have witnessed mounting political tension in Mozambique.

This tension takes place in the context of the local and general elections in Mozambique, and could be linked to the political decline of the main opposition party Renamo and the positioning for the succession of President Guebuza within the ruling Frelimo party. Tension is fed as well by a sense of exclusion from those not benefiting from the transition to a natural resource based economy and the ensuing rapid growth rates.

National and international efforts are being made and multiple channels of communication used, to defuse tension, in particular to avoid violence, and to resolve the current political stalemate. The EU is supporting efforts to help the Government and the Renamo should settle their differences through dialogue. The EU EFM provided an assessment of the electoral process and pragmatic proposals on preparations for the up-coming elections. The EU will continue to make every effort to support the holding of right of elections in a calm and peaceful atmosphere.


The Commission is aware of the deteriorating food security status in Guinea Bissau and is closely monitoring the situation. At the same time, the Commission is currently preparing two new programmes aiming at addressing the root causes of malnutrition and vulnerability to food crisis in Guinea Bissau by increasing food production, supporting selected agricultural value chains and adding value to smallholder agricultural production. It is also foreseen to support the set-up of an improved early warning system for food security and nutrition, involving UN agencies and national specialized statistic bodies, in order to have more accurate information about the evolution of the food security situation, which will be accessible to all the stakeholders.

According to the report, by the end of there was a total of Children are at the heart of the EU's humanitarian work.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

The Commission is also developing new tools to foster and track age-sensitive humanitarian projects, bringing attention to the specific needs of girls and boys. The EU has dedicated its Nobel Peace Prize award to help children who are growing up in, or are displaced by, conflicts. The Common European Asylum System provides for child-sensitive reception conditions including special provisions for unaccompanied minors. In addition to this, the European Asylum Support Office can promote best and harmonised practices on child related issues and the European Refugee Fund foresees special assistance for the resettlement of children at risk and unaccompanied minors.

According to several international studies, the incidence of mental illness increases in times of crisis and unemployment.

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According to the national mental health coordinator, people with chronic mental health problems that tend to be incapacitating are most likely to miss check-ups more than usual and, in some cases, these patients have stopped taking their medication or have significantly cut down how much they take. What figures does it have on the rise in the number of cases of depression and mental health problems in the EU?