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Murrow's interview with Groucho.


Marx Bros. The one, the only Groucho Uncensored "Join Groucho and his unsuspecting contestants for this entire episode of 'You Bet Your Life', complete with bloopers and outtakes, including all of the moments that were censored from the original broadcast. This is a shoddy minute video which tries to pass itself off as a Marx Brothers tape because it provides you with six minutes of a poor reproduction of the "I'll Say She Is" re-make skit that was originally made for the trailer collection "The House That Shadows Built".

The rest of the tape is poor comedy by other comedians, some of them very obscure. Merrily We Roll Along: The Early Days of the Automobile "Groucho narrates the impact the automobile had on America during the transition from horse and buggy to horseless carriage, roughly between and World War I. You Bet Your Life 7 tapes with 3 episode each. Bader, plus loads of rare You Bet Your Life memorabilia and photos. These episodes have not been seen since their original run in the early 50's.

They were never repackaged for syndication by NBC for various reasons. Includes out takes from the episodes on every disc and a 17 minute film made for DeSoto dealers called 'The Making of You Bet Your Life' included as an extra. In addition to the episodes, the box set includes Groucho's audition for the original 'You Bet Your Life' radio program! In French, it means the office where you can change your currency.

Unknown quotation in French. It's correct grammatically, but the expression is not used in French. In French, though it can also mean this, it primarily means any relaxing time with friends between the end of work and the beginning of the marital obligations. In French, it simply means a song. In French, means a hairstylist, a hairdresser, a barber. It is spelled connaisseur in modern French. In French, it refers to a woman's chest from shoulder to waist and, by extension, the part of a woman's garment which covers this area.

In French, "[donner] un coup de main" means "[to give] a hand" to give assistance. Even if the English meaning exists as well, it is old-fashioned. It also can NOT be shortened as "coup", which means something else altogether in French.


In French, it means "beginning". Operation consisting of making screws, bolts, etc. In French, it means all the different kinds of manners you can walk. In French, it means a repairman. In French, it means someone who emigrated.

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In French, 'mass' only refers to a physical mass, whether for people or objects. It cannot be used for something immaterial, like, for example, the voice : "they all together said 'get out'" would be translated as "ils ont dit 'dehors' en choeur" [like a chorus]. Also, 'en masse' refers to numerous people or objects a crowd or a mountain of things. In French, "suite", when in the context of a hotel, already means several rooms following each other. In French, apart from fencing the sport the term is more generic : it means sword. In French, it simply means extraordinary adjective and can be used for either people, things or concepts.

The rule that systematically puts 'extraordinary' after the noun in English is also wrong, because in French, an adjective can be put before the noun to emphasize - which is particularly the case for the adjective 'extraordinaire'. In fact, French people would just as well use 'un musicien extraordinaire' as 'un extraordinaire musicien' an extraordinary male musician, but the latter emphasizes his being extraordinary. In French, femme pronounced 'fam' means "woman".


In French, it means "end of the century", but it isn't a recognized expression as such. The word is spelt faible in French and means "weak" adjective.

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Weakness is translated as faiblesse noun. French use "fort" both for people and objects.

Napoleon III

According to Merriam Webster Dictionary, "In forte we have a word derived from French that in its "strong point" sense has no entirely satisfactory pronunciation. All are standard, however. Used in place of Say cheese. The state of English is so bad, that essentially, one could pretty much write plainly in french with maybe a few English words here and there, and it would be considered acceptable english prose - and of high quality at that. The rest of them are pretensious media elite speak, which in itself, has never ever drifted down to the bulk of everyday British folk. Nobody up until World War Two and the wireless, or the younger folk since the naughties, have ever even heard of any of them let alone use them.

The whopping bulk of everyday Brits have always read newspapers like the sun. Anyway, speaking pretensious French bollocks has almost utterly gone out of fashion these days and is so last centuary. French litter their speech with far more Angloisms than British do with French sayyings. To be honest, the only time I've ever heard a Brit use a French saying is David Jason in Only fools and Horses and that sums up well what people think of it.

It's the other way around. The English language is filled with French expressions whether you like it or not.

Napoleon III - Wikipedia

You can see it in the ff. It could have pronounced as "fakeyd" or spelled as "fassad" Foyer - With original pronounciation. It could be spelled as "fwoyay". Debut - Pronounced as "debyoo". Spelling should be "debbew" Machine - Should have been spelled as "masheen" or pronounced as "machein". Omellete - Should be spelled as "Omelet. Group - e is removed at the end of the word nevertheless it should have spelled as 'groop". Clairvoyance - Should be spelled as "clairvwoyans" Voyeur - Should have been spelled as "vwayer" Roulet - "roolay" And a lot more.

English language is weak because it keeps on borrowing words from other languages but fail to anglicize their spelling or pronunciation. Take for example the word "Czechoslovakia". The spelling is obviously Polish. So weird when the word could have been spelled as "Checoslovakia" but it shows the inconsistency of the English speakers.

BTW, the "Ch" has 3 sounds in English for words like: 1. List of English words of French origin A great number of words of French origin have entered the English language to the extent that many Latin words have come to the English language. Most of the French vocabulary now appearing in English was imported over the centuries following the Norman Conquest of , when England came under the administration of Norman-speaking peoples.

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