A Dream Sets Sail, Part II: The Continuing Adventures of Amazing Grace

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Kindle Edition , pages. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Holiday Bundle , please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Jan 06, Nichole rated it it was amazing. The plots were well developed and maintaining the holiday theme Rocked! Jan 05, Racy rated it it was amazing.

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I had received this for an honest review. Christin Lovell is not a new author to me. She is one that I have admire for a very long time. When you read her books you will always find such strong female characters. I often read her books and wonder how much of herself she puts into the character because I see her just a strong as her characters.

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This read contains four wonderful stories that have some truly amazing characters in them and yes all the main women in the stories are this amazing curvy I had received this for an honest review. Yes I know it is after Christmas but that does not make these stories any less great.

Lucy was a plus size girl She had it bad for her boss Maxwell Banks. It had to kill her to be so in love with this man and watch him go out with these model type women that she felt she could never measure up to.

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Max Banks was not only a werewolf but the Alpha of his pack. I found it funny that his family especially his brother hounded him about claiming his true mate. They all knew the moment he met Lucy that she was this true mate. Max did not have to go screaming it off the roof tops, it was something that his body language was screaming. He had to be a war with his wolf since his wolf wanted so desperately to claim her. Max dates these bean pole women, women that are scared to eat when they go out. He is not happy and his wolf is not happy.

He is fighting and waring with himself every time he is around Lucy.

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The moment he finds out she is looking for another man he loses control. Can Lucy forgive him for all the women he has been with? Will she expect the fact that he is a werewolf? Libby and Tyler had been best friends. Tyler had become a lawyer and was tired of denying his feelings for Olivia. He had been in love with her for so long and did not know if she felt the same way. Even when some guy when they were younger had asked her out, he just about lost it.

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Libby had wanted Ty for so long. So when Ty approaches her about them being together she is taken back. Submitted by R. This book was a faithful companion in my youth, and was, in large part, responsible for me eventually becoming a licensed Captain. First time sailor to seasoned salt. Rowboat to large motor yacht.

Navigation, anchoring, knots, safety at sea…this is the most complete and comprehensive boating instruction book I have ever seen. His vivid writing puts you aboard in calms and the storms of the Southern Ocean, and you will share the roller coaster of emotions experienced by lone sailors in this extreme environment.

After reading it, I was left wondering what Goss Challenges might have accomplished had their radical, ill-fated Adrian Thompson-designed catamaran been able to compete in The Race or campaign for the Jules Verne trophy this book was previously brought to my attention in a edition of Scuttlebutt. No great storms here, just a passionate, articulate, wry sailor in a small boat, demonstrating the transforming art of living aboard a boat and visiting interesting places. Very entertaining story of how the good doctor lost his leg.

Actually, he tells about 8 different stories to a bunch of guys sitting around in a pub. In the days before GPS and satellite communication, this amazing adventure story fueled my early desire to sail solo around the world. Great reading for young adult and armchair sailor alike.

They lost nearly vessels and 4, men in the 60 years that were their prime. The greatest survival story of all time. Every bit of it true. The highlight is the description of the sail of the James Caird, a converted foot work boat by three men across 1, miles of the Southern Ocean. Submitted by the Alun James: Excerpt from Amazon.

If you know sailing as an avocation, or want to introduce someone to the love of the sport, this is THE book to provide. It is a delightful quick read and will actually fit in some larger Christmas stockings. Cutler makes for some interesting reading. Gives some perspective to the chases in Master and Commander. In this book, Lieutenant Lord Ramage, in command of the Triton Brig, is escorting a convoy from Barbados to Jamaica, normally a routine and tedious chore.

With the dreaded Admiral Goddard threatening a continued vendetta against him, Ramage must not fail. Dan Spurr tells how, beginning in the s, fiberglass replaced oak as the structural core of a modern sailing vessel. You may well find your boat here. Adlard Coles. From Svalbard, north of Norway, to Scotland and the Faroe Islands, Iceland, Greenland, and Labrador —as well as a trip through the Northwest Passage with William Simon— Bockstoce and his crews tracked the courses of Norse voyagers, Irish monks, English and Dutch whalers, Inuit hunters, European explorers, and German submariners in this account of human activity and natural phenomena in the frozen North.

Not for the beginning sailor, however, as there is a vast amount of technical information. If you really know your stuff you might push through it in a few weeks. A must-have reference book for the serious sailor. I believe that this book is the best reference now available for prospective and current sailors who wish to expand their horizons. This well-written book has many photographs and drawings to enhance the detailed text. Submitted by G.

You get a real feel for the race now known as the Volvo Ocean Race.

see url It not only explains what to do, but why to do it. It is organized well and has great illustations. It is not just for novices, but has information that more experienced sailors will find useful. The book provides an in-depth understanding of what makes a high performing leader and how to sustain competitive advantage. Even though his theories may be bunk, this tale of sailing the Pacific on a raft is a wonderful read.

Villiers, born in Australia in , carried a camera and pen but no typewriter in his sea bag when he sailed as a deckhand on some of the worlds most famous sailing ships in the 20s and 30s — the Cape Horners, Herzogen Cecile, Grace Harwar and Parma. He went to sea at 15 but his career ended several years later when he was severely injured aboard one of these ships.

Her autobiography takes the reader through her Whitbread victory and her attempt at the Jules Verne Trophy in Her personal life is also examined. Concludes with interviews of the survivors by Mark Twain who was then in Hawaii. This story is both a sailing story and a voyage of discovery — as are all good sailing stories. My young daughters and I enjoyed it equally.

It includes sailing and other boating terminology. Each page contains color photos of boating objects along with the name of each object beneath it.